Local Government Project:

  • The Protection Of Teak Forest

Local Government Concept:

  • Protect Forest By Ring-Fencing the Forest With Farming Communities.
  • Communities formed by the society’s poor, with offer of free land use and essential tools.

Problems & Issues:

  • Environmental – Insufficient sunlight. The tall trees of the forest blocks off sunlight for a good part of the day. The trees in the forest compete with the agricultural areas in the areas surrounding the forest, leading to poor quality agricultural land. The ground around some of the surrounding areas are sloping, leading to run-off of water.
  • Farmer Mindset – The offer from the government is for non-productive land. Government seeds (natural seeds) offered are inefficient, and farmers will need to invest on GMO seeds at their cost. Great effort would be required to realize small outcomes. It is better to resist the government offer.


  • Introduction of bio-stimulant with microbes.
    o Use of technology without altering fundamental farming methods = No disriuption.
    o Higher yield = Increased production quantity.
    o Better quality = Higher value of produce.
    o Organic = Ability to transcend into new markets.


  • Confidence and viability of solution to both local government and farming community.
  • No change to method of farming, and no sophisticated steps.
  • Towards poverty alleviation with reduction cost to local government and farmers.
  • Ability to employ natural seeds, that perform as well as GMO seeds.
  • Higher nutritional crops for society.

Nordstern Perspectives PLC aims to enable food resilience through agricultural intervention.